College Initiative

We provide modern, high quality services by resourcing one of our country’s greatest assets, college students. 

We are currently in the middle of a $1.2 trillion college debt crisis with 40% in default. To make matters worse, the cost of tuition is skyrocketing and there is a widening gap between what colleges produce and what employers want. One of Jobs America’s visions is to help solve these problems by providing real world, customer facing jobs for our college students. This will help fight student debt, create education affordability, and increase the employability of our graduates.


College Debt Crisis


is currently in default.


of all our nation’s college student’s need a job just to get through school.

Higher Learning, Lower Debt,
Greater Opportunities.

Done Differently.

We’re not only solving our customer’s scaling challenges but we are also solving bigger economic issues that develop for students while they are in college. We aim to help those college students prepare for real world jobs and lower their overall debt upon graduation.
By partnering with colleges and universities to provide customer service jobs to students, we’re helping them keep school affordable and graduate with higher employability skills.


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Partner Institutions

We are privileged to work with colleges of all shapes and sizes across America who share our vision to create better opportunities for students.