Why you should outsource your company’s customer support

Most new and established businesses try to keep everything under one roof including customer support because what could go wrong with having your employees dealing with customers in-house?

The short answer is a lot. A whole lot.

Customer support is much more than replying to a few emails and tweets. Customers are obviously the lifeline of any business so any questions, concerns, and criticisms they might have are essential to any business owner.

 Why businesses fail at customer support

Over the years, we’ve seen various companies give the cold shoulder on outsourcing their customer support because they thought they could handle their own support teams.

Most of them couldn’t.

They usually have one or two people (who also has other roles at the company) that deals with customers. This is usually a huge mistake for a number of reasons.

Having non-dedicated employees handle customer support means they might not be working on other important tasks or prioritizing their incoming customer messages. Some may fall through the cracks and never get dealt with until the customer are furious or they might just let compliments and suggestions go un-noticed. Poor customer service will damage your company’s reputation and could cost you revenue in the long run.

When you have a dedicated 24/7 team handling customer inquiries, you and your employees will have more time to work on more important things like company growth and product development.

 Outsourcing is the key to success

Quality customer service should be one of the MAIN priorities for every company. Companies like Zappos and Amazon are know for their customer service. They have professional reps working around the clock to answer inquiries to make sure ALL of their customers are happy.

An outsourcing partner will be able to handle every from training employees and teaching them about your company inside and out as well as your brand identity. This will improve the quality of customer care resulting in happy and satisfied customers, better retention, and if applicable, higher up-sell ratio.

Companies will also benefit from having professional reps with skilled expertise working around the clock along with the infrastructure, management, and technology that smaller companies might not have.

Having your own customer service team may seem like the right thing to do but once you start to lose focus on a different area in your company, you may want to re-consider your strategy. Your customer’s experience and opinion will and always be valuable to your company and not providing adequate attention to them will hurt your company in the long run.